Tired in search of SEO Professional ? Why don't You do it yourself !

If you are looking for SEO Professional you must have experienced all SEO professionals seem like kids in a class room. You as a teacher have asked a question and all are raising their hands. Every student has same answer but try to be different using different words. Search Engine Optimisation is not a rocket science. You can do it yourself. Just take care for few things.

If you have loads of time, then don't pay to anyone you can do it yourself. Here I provide as much as knowledge you need to know for good Search Engine Optimisation of your web site.Subscribe to Get updates directly to your inbox

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

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Why Use DIY SEO Tools?

To begin with SEO is the cheapest and best source of traffic because once a website is optimized it's essentially free and the benfits last indefinitely,

May SEO issues can be solved quite simply and quickly too, the benefits however can take 3  weeks or more to manifest due to the time taken by search engine spiders to crawl your website and index new backlinks.

Organic traffic is traffic from search engines, the conversion rates from organic traffic are approximately nine times higher than paid traffic, that is a huge difference.

What's more the volume of clicks made on organic results in the Search Engine Results page is far higher, approximately 85% of searches result in a click through to the organic results with just 15% of users clicking the paid adverts.

However paying an agency to do your website SEO can get expensive, the cheapest SEO by far, and often the most effective SEO too is to optimise your website yourself, all you need is a good quality set of SEO tools and guide, we recommend the LocalAdworks DIY SEO plans for this, you won't find anything that is better and it's the cheapest SEO tools too, they are an absolute steal at the time of writing.


SEO is probably simpler than you think, you need a simple strategy that follows the best search engine practices, then you need to simply commit to follow that process, all of it not some of it. It is literally that simple
After all, SEO is pretty straightforward. It’s about:
  • Identify your target customers
  • Identify the search terms that your target customers are using and evaluate the intent behind them.
  • Create genuinely valuable and helpful content om those topics such as blog posts and product pages, that answer your target prospects questions.
  • Fix the technical issues on your website, but don't worry this is easier than it sounds, many things are as simple as writing keyword focussed titles/ meta descriptions or fixing broken links on your website, you might ask Why? It's because broken links are a signal to the search engines that the website is low quality and keyword focussed content promotes clarity and relevance by reducing any uncertainty about who the content might be useful to.
To perform DIY SEO, you will learn 4 ways to doing your own SEO:
  1.  keyword research - the language your prospects use and the questions they have.
  2. Create Search engine optimized content to answer your prospect's questions.
  3. Scan your website for any technical issues and fix them.
  4. Build a healthy backlink profile from relevant websites with a natural mix of backlink anchor text, source website authority and pace of grwoth

For Answers to Other SEO related Questions See LocalAdworks Membership Area Content and SEO Guide

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  • DIY SEO - Do It Yourself SEO Software for Small Businesses - LocalAdworks- Improve your website and promote your business online without the high cost of SEO Agencies. Easy to follow task recommendations, keyword tracking, and professional SEO reporting. 
  • The Essential DIY SEO Tools For Small Businesses in 2021 to use  - If you run a small business, then you already know how important it is to establish a strong brand presence in your community. When customers are looking for services like plumbing, HVAC, electricians, or other home services, our top pick for the best SEO tool plan is the LocalAdworks plan, because it includes all the essential tools and so much more including SEO training and a professional SEO guide too.
  • Effective Yet Affordable DIY SEO Tools for Small Businesses - Get professional DIY SEO tools that are simple to use and highly effective. Fix your website and learn how to drive organic visitor traffic to any website you want to.
  • DIY SEO: A Detailed yet Simple SEO Guide That Anyone Can Follow - Learn how to do SEO for your own website, no experience in SEO is required.
  • 24 Free SEO Tools: Everything you need to rank as #1 in the Google's SERPs -
  • Top DIY SEO Tools for School MarketersDIY SEO: 6 Steps That Anyone Can Follow To Get Results - SEO is essential, for all businesses, why would you miss out on the cheapest and most effective source of business that there is? You don't need a huge budget to do your own SEO, infact you can do it for free. However using even a simple SEO tool plan from just $10 a month will make your SEO efforts far more effective, you will get better results much faster if you use even a basic SEO toolset. 
  • The Best SEO Tools and Affordable SEO Packages - Professional SEO Tools and Affordable SEO Packages, Our SEO Experts Provide SEO Services to Businesses and Marketing Agencies! Get the Best Value Marketing (localadworks.com)


SEO Topics That You Will Learn;

Topics referenced across search results organized in clusters:


  • keyword
  • keyword ideas
  • target keywords and keyword cannibalization
  • keyword research tools
  • Latent semantic indexing
  • Keyword difficulty scores and understanding the search engine users intent
  • seed keywords
  • Keyword rankings
  • keyword stuffing
  • keyword suggestions


  • Types of backlink and backlink metrics
  • Backlink Profile metrics
  • Backlink profile optimization
  • broken links
  • internal links
  • Link Equity
  • Link Intersect
  • external links
  • inbound links
  • Link acquisition
  • link building
  • link building strategy


  • content
  • duplicate content
  • quality content
  • content marketers
  • content ideas
  • content marketing strategy
  • content quality
  • Content Submission Tools
  • popular content
  • relevant content


  • Google
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business
  • Google Search Console
  • Google Search
  • Google Trends
  • Google Plus
  • Google Webmaster Tools


  • backlink
  • Backlink Profile
  • Monitor Backlinks
  • quality backlinks
  • backlink activity
  • Backlink Checker
  • Backlink Tool

Search Engines

  • Search Engine Spiders and crawl budgets
  • Technical Search Engine Optimization Checklists
  • Search engine visibility factors
  • search engine ranking factors
  • Meta-title
  • Page titles and headings
  • title search
  • title tags
  • meta titles
  • Meta descriptions


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Saturday, July 4, 2015


SEO Lessons

SEO Lessons

When trying to figure out how to increase traffic to your website, there is an overwhelming amount of information about search engine optimization (SEO) on the world wide web. It is very easy to find SEO lessons in cyberspace, but how do you decipher the good lessons from the bad ones?
Reputable companies know the importance of a strong marketing campaign and a great print presence. In our current society, effective marketing has moved from print to the web. There are a few key SEO lessons that should be followed to maximize your marketing presence on the internet.
The first steps to successful optimization are to research SEO techniques and get your questions answered before you begin. Learning the process of building a successful online marketing campaign can seem difficult, but SEO is an extremely effective marketing tool. When done correctly, the long term benefits are well worth the time investment. There are many ways to learn about SEO. Basic SEO knowledge can be gained by online research. Advanced SEO techniques can be acquired at a collegiate level, as well as with stand alone classes and online classes.
Keep in mind that you do not have to be an internet technology guru to learn how to use SEO. The technology super highway is the road used to get the information from one point to the other. However, the vehicle is the search engine optimizer. You just need to know how to drive the car and read the map to get from point A to point B. You do not have to know how to build the super highway.
It is important to research key words and broaden the scope of your market. With some basic research, you will find that there are several tools available to help marketers determine a key word list. You can find several free basic key word search tools. There are also many advanced tools that can be purchased.
If your company opts to hire SEO professionals, remember that there are many good SEO companies and many bad ones. Be sure to do your research on the company or professional before making a hiring decision, check references and ask to view successful completed work.
SEO can seem like a huge undertaking. Following these basic SEO lessons will help you make educated decisions and give you the most bang for your marketing buck! Becoming a lifetime student of SEO will definitely pay off in the end.
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Search Engine Optimization Guidelines

Search Engine Optimization Guidelines
Search Engine Optimization Guidelines

Search engine optimization (SEO) can seem like an overwhelming task to take on when trying to increase the traffic to your website, social media page or blog. However, if you follow a few simple search engine optimization guidelines you can decrease your fear and increase your online traffic.
It is important to remember that SEO is a marketing tool. You do not have to obtain a degree in Internet Technology to use SEO effectively. It takes time and research to learn the basic search engine optimization guidelines, but the benefits are well worth the time. Remember that technology is ever changing, so stay educated on new SEO techniques. After you learn the basics, spend a little bit of time each week updating and increasing your SEO knowledge.
Search engine optimization done right helps increases the ranking your site achieves on a search engine. Search engines use ‘spiders’ to ‘crawl’ through web pages and collect key word and content information to rank your site. Site maps help ‘spiders’ to attain information about site content. ‘Spiders’ are unable to ‘crawl’ through index pages. Site maps are ‘spider friendly’ when they have less than 100 links. If your site requires more than 100 links, it is beneficial to create more than one site map.
Keywords need to be understood and utilized to increase your rank on search engines. Taking the time to develop an outstanding key word list is essential to moving traffic to your site. There are several key word search tools available. Basic search tools are available online at no cost to the user. If you require a more advanced key word search tool, there are many on the market that can be purchased.
Businesses also have the option of hiring an SEO professional or an SEO firm to do this work. Although this choice does cut into the marketing budget, it is often times well worth it to hire a reputable professional or company. These professionals or companies do this type of work everyday and can get the job done quickly and efficiently because they are well aware of the changing technology. When deciding on an SEO contractor, it would greatly benefit you to request that they teach you the basic search engine optimization guidelines while doing the work for you. Many companies choose to hire an SEO firm to teach their marketing staff effective SEO techniques, as well. Learning these skills from an expert will allow you to get your questions answered first hand. You will also have the ability to communicate your future needs, or to make site updates yourself in the future.
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How To Do Seo

How To Do Seo
How To Do Seo

In the growing industry of internet sales and marketing, businesses need to know how to do SEO (search engine optimization). Learning this process can be long and time consuming. However, with the ever changing World Wide Web, successful businesses need know the basics about how to do SEO. Advanced SEO education can be sought out through college classes, community education and online classes. Some companies choose to hire SEO educators to teach best SEO practices to the entire sales and marketing department. There are several great resources on the web to learn this process. Here are some of the basics.
The best way to learn SEO is to do it, there is a lot of information available but its not all reliable it's also fragmented, my best recommendation is to subcribe to a all in one seo tool a high quality one that has all the tools you need and an integrated SEO guide, Localadworks is perfect and we have referred many clients to them because it's  a genuine Professional SEO platform, really powerful, with a SEO step by step guide and SEO checklists, it's even better than the most expensive seo tools that cost 7x as much, it's an unbelievably good deal, internet marketings best kept secret!
It is important to research the ongoing changes happening on the World Wide Web. Search engine optimization is a learning process and the results are not instant. With the continued growth and change of search engines, SEO experts need to make changes to their techniques to see continued results and increased traffic to their sites. Since search engines are always advancing and spiders are always changing, it is important to become a long time student on how to do SEO. Learning search engine optimization can feel intimidating, but remember that acquiring this skill does not require an advanced amount of internet technology knowledge. SEO is a marketing skill and the internet is the avenue in which this information is shared.
Search engines use something called ‘spiders’ to ‘crawl’ through web pages and seek out information to rank sites based on key words. Site maps help ‘spiders’ to attain information about site content. At this time, ‘spiders’ are unable to ‘crawl’ through index pages. Thus, it is essential to build site maps that are ‘spider friendly’ by keeping each site map under 100 links. If your site requires more links than this, it is beneficial to create more than one site map.
When starting this process, you should research key words before developing the company website, sales and marketing materials, and product descriptions. It is best to develop unique content when writing product descriptions, press releases and blogs. If the marketing material is similar to information on other sites selling the same products or services, it will not trigger as many keyword search hits.
Most companies who know how to do SEO make it a priority to hire consultants who have mastered this process. These companies also continue to grow and change with the industry by creating optimization rich websites, social media pages and blogs. Continue to grow and learn with the industry, and in time, great results with follow.
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Importance of Seo Website Analysis Tools

how to do seo

There are four main reasons why people do Seo Website Analysis. First, a website analysis is geared towards revealing if the content in a website is relevant. A large percentage of websites with extremely low traffic often have irrelevant content that discourages users from constantly paying visit to these sites or even marketing them to their friends. This is why your site content should prove to be relevant not only to search engines but also to your target online viewers. Website analysis therefore clearly makes know to you if you may need to change your content so that it is more useful to your site’s viewers.
The main way in which internet users will get to know more about your website is through the relevance of your keywords. Search engines only direct users to sites that have adequate and relevant information depending on the keywords that they use to surf the web. This makes all websites that don’t have commonly used keywords to be unnoticed. The biggest challenge consequently is coming up with keywords that are close to what most users are searching with. Seo Website Analysis forms the foundation of knowing how good your keyword choices are and if you may need to do some modifications for them to be more relevant.
Is your website attracting any reliable backlinks? This is yet another benefit of doing Seo Website Analysis. You can hardly get the kind of traffic you desire to without the help of other sites that can provide backlinks for you. Infact, if you are not getting any backlinks, it really means that your site is having negligible traffic which is why other websites are less interested. In concise form, it is a bad sign and may require you change the optimization strategy you are using. If you get negative backlink results after website analysis, you ought to consider finding out techniques you can use to attract backlinks.
The last major aim of carrying out Seo Website Analysis is finding out if your general website outlook is pleasing to search engines and internet users. There is more to obtaining high traffic than just having the appropriate keywords and good content. Optimizers should also help you modify the outlook of your site to make it meet the standards that search engines expect. After website analysis, one therefore knows the major flaws that are making their site not to attract the attention of search engines and often working on these problems enables your site receive higher traffic.
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Benefits of Using Google Seo Tools

google seo tools

When optimizing your website to gain high ranks in search engines, you can gain a lot by using Google Seo Tools. First and foremost, the main factor that makes most websites rank low is selecting poor keywords which are hardly used depending on their respective industry. However, by using the “Google Keyword Planner Tool”, one is able to know the most popular keywords among internet users making you able to modify your keywords to correspond with what your targeted consumers would be more familiar with. This tool enables you to know what consumers are looking for because having the appropriate keywords is usually the starting point of getting higher rankings.

Before going for search engine optimization, it is often advised that one gathers a lot of information about SEO. You’ll need to know how to get the required content and also the seo tactics that are acceptable in order to ensure that the optimizers you hire do their job observing the laid down search engine rules. Google Seo Tools also come in handy when looking for seo information for through the “Google Webmaster Tools” you can be assured of having all the info and important tips you need to have for a successful experience in search engine optimization.

Besides knowing the right keywords that can enhance your seo rankings, it is imperative that you have good content to make your website be relevant and useful to internet users who visit it. Bear in mind that you’ll be expected to have regular updates with uncompromised relevance when it comes to content analysis. Well, it is often difficult to really understand the problems in your website’s content if you don’t have the appropriate seo tools to provide some guidance. “Google Alerts” are Google Seo Tools that can be of great help in putting you at a better position of knowing how to come up with the best content for your site.

Never go for search engine optimization with unrealistic expectations for you’ll be totally misguided if you are made to belief that you can get high rankings in a day. However, if you are really dealing with a true search engine optimizer guru, you will be able to note some considerable progress in the amount of traffic your website is receiving. The best Google Seo Tools to use here are “Google Analytics”. These tools will show you if traffic for your website is increasing or if there is negligible change in traffic requiring you to put more pressure on the optimizers you have hired.
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